Zakariyya, Zayn and Zara’s Fun Run!

Zakariyya, Zayn and Zara’s Fun Run!

created by Ahsana I

with Waltham Forest Noor Ul Islam

for the Noor Ul Islam Fun Run 2019 campaign

Personal Challenge - Run/Marathon

£1,632.28 (653%)

raised of £250.00 target


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37 people have donated online

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Online donations: £1,597.28

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Total raised: £1,632.28

Gift Aid: £328.13

Total raised with Gift Aid: £1,960.41

Our Story

Those at Noor Ul Islam Primary School will be taking part in the 5k fun run - raising money for Noor Ul Islam's project rebuild. Project Rebuild will rebuild our main site, providing a Masjid and associated services. 

We are sooooo excited!!!The fun run takes place on Sunday 13th October 2019 from 9am at Hainault Forest. Please support and encourage those running for Noor Ul Islam by donating.

Our vision for Project Rebuild mirrors the Prophetic model of the mosque being the centre of the community. All the needs of the community were taken care of by the masjid: worship, education, interfaith and social services. For Him (pbuh), the role of the masjid was to develop the best of society.

Our Community Building will be at the heart of local neighbourhoods, providing a place to worship, learn, meet, work and access services.

Work on our new building is now 75% complete and we need your help to reach the finish line! 

We are choosing to fundraise for this campaign as this is a very important cause to us as a charity.

Please help us be the change and make the difference.

Who Will It Help?

I hope through this fundraising page we can all make a huge difference to this cause.

Please help us raise our target.👨👨👧

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7 months ago

Mashallah Pupus, love you very much!

We love you too pupu!! ❤️❤️❤️ Jazakallahu khaiyrun and may Allah accept it from you, pupu. Ameen. 👨👨👧😘😘😘



7 months ago

Mashallah Z's for completing the fun run!

Jazakallah Anonymous big bro! 😉May Allah accept it from you. Ameen! 👨👨👧


Ahsan Alim

7 months ago

May Allah bless you and accept your reward for this lovely initiative. Keep going! Lots of love - your favourite uncle!

😉😉😉. May Allah accept it from you joro mama!!! Ameen. 👨👨👧

£120.00 + £30.00 Gift Aid

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Yusha Looch

7 months ago

Well done Zayn! You smashed it! From Yusha!



7 months ago


Farah and Aaminah Bhatti

7 months ago

May your efforts be rewarded. Ameen