Little Smiles - Yunus

Little Smiles - Yunus

created by Yunus Hajjaj

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Our Story

Asalamu A'lakom, I will be running a marathon in January alongside friends from university and others from societies across the country. All uniting for one cause, to sponsor 40 children in Sudan for over 5 years, providing food, basic nutrition, clothing, school uniforms, schoolbooks, enrolment, counselling and support.

The reason why I am getting involved is because once you read and see what these children have to go through to just be able to get to school, and that's if they are lucky enough to go to school, it's really upsetting. Last year we had a project called Little Hearts and I knew that this year every opportunity that I get I will take it and now we are raising money for Little Smiles. When I compare my life to those children in Sudan, just by having a roof over my head I have more than them already, let alone the other things that I have access to. As the Prophet Muhammad PBUH said " You should love for your brother what you love for yourself." The people of Sudan are our brothers and sisters and we want only for them to live a happy and peaceful life. This is why I am running this marathon to try better their lives to give them a chance to create a better future.

Me as an individual may have a small impact, but as we come together we can actually make a difference in this world. I hope when reading this you try to put yourself in those children's shoes or if you have children imagine your kids living in those conditions, so I ask you to please donate to this cause because you will be making a massive difference to these children's lives. "Charity does not decrease wealth." (Sahih Muslim)  

Who Will It Help?

This Project is too provide healthcare, education, clothes, food and other essentials that will give the children of Sudan a better life. You could make a difference to their lives by donating. Our aim is to be able to support 40 children for 5 years that will give them a solid foundation, but it doesn't stop here I will continue to get involved in charity work because if it is not us who will help those in need?

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