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Our Story

Winter Appeal 2018 for Rohingya and Syrian Refugees.

Syria: After receiving so much request for delivering aid in Syria by so many of you, we have established a working link directly at a camp in Turkey looking after Syrian refugees fleeing the war. Alhamdulillah this is a major development as we are very, very particular as to where and whom we work with. In Bangladesh we deliver aid directly without a third party and similarly we are now working to open an office in Turkey to aid millions of fleeing Syrian refugees. The charity so many of you trust will now insha’Allah deliver much needed aid there. We cannot promise that we will deliver aid in Syria as that’s not true and nor something we are able to do at this point of time.

Rohingya: Our primary focus is still in Bangladesh with the Rohingya genocide fleeing refugees, since this group is neglected in the media and hence by other charities we don’t have the conscious to constantly jump where there is an outcry and act as we are everywhere. The work here with the Rohingya is far from even beginning. Alhamdulillah we have made differences, together. Their needs are vast and many. Having visited camps in Syria recently and in Bangladesh Coxes Bazar it’s clear why we must strive further to bring the cases and the causes of Rohingya to the attention of the general public, two atrocities don’t make it right, but one is beyond meeting any basic human needs. In the Rohingya Camps, lines stretching to half a mile queuing to use the bathroom facility. Imagine, elderly, children, pregnant women (due to raped by the Burmese officials) having to wait half a day at times for something we take for granted in the UK! The same for waiting for a meal, at times, last ones in the queue don’t get a handful of rice to eat! Now imagine us being in their shoes, Subhan’Allah, had Allah wanted he could have swapped our places with theirs… so my brothers and sisters, we don’t ask for us, we ask because there is a dire need in Rohingya, donate for them and thank Allah for the position he has put us upon!

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