Usman's bungee jump

Usman's bungee jump

created by Usman Arshad


for the Al-Noor Foundation Family Festival Bungee Jump campaign

Personal Challenge - Appealing for a charity

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Our Story

What are we doing?

We are a group of brave individuals who are looking to challenge and take ourselves out of our comfort zones by bungee jumping.


It will take place Sunday 14th July 2019 from 12-5pm on 160ft crane with very safe strapped up harness.


We are doing this adrenaline pumping, out of the ordinary activity in order to raise money for the Al-Noor foundation.


The money raised here will go towards the qurd hasanah raised to purchase the £4.4 million industrial estate that we would like to redevelop into a secondary school one day with the help of Allah

Who Will It Help?

I hope through this fundraising page we can all make a huge difference to this cause.

Help me raise my target.

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Yusaf Hanif

3 months ago

£11.00 + £2.75 Gift Aid


4 months ago

£7.76 + £1.94 Gift Aid

Kamran Siddique

4 months ago

Proud of you Sheikh. May Allah accept all your efforts.

£10.00 + £2.50 Gift Aid