The Shabirs', 3 challenges in 3 countries for Children of the World 2020

The Shabirs', 3 challenges in 3 countries for Children of the World 2020

created by Shabir Bashir

with Muslim Charity Helping the Needy

for the MC Marrakesh Marathon 2020 campaign

Personal Challenge - Run/Marathon

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Our Story

Assalaamu alaikum and hi to all,

My name is Shabir Bashir and, along with my children, I will be taking part in three fundraising challenges in 2020 to raise vital funds for Children of the World.

To kick off the challenges, we will be running a half marathon in Marrakech on 26th January. 

Second challenge we will be running a half marathon in Palestine on 27th March.

Third challenge we will be all hands on deck, a cross channel boat race to France on 30th August

We are aiming to raise funds to help make a difference to the lives of some of the most vulnerable children in the world.


Who Will It Help?



The Children of the World campaign was launched to combat and champion children’s rights all over the world and support the most vulnerable children.

Projects include:

·      Rescuing street children in Bangladesh

·      Treating drug addicted children in Pakistan

·      Tackling child labour

·      School Under the Sky - open air informal schools

·      Orphan sponsorship

 ·   Refurbishment of Schools in Pakistan 

·   Supporting war affected/refugee children in Rohingya (Bangladesh), Syria & Lebanon

You can find out more here:


Help us to help them.

May Allah (God) accept all our efforts.


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Tahir Siddique

1 day ago

Well done to all. May the almighty accept all your efforts, آمين


Irtiza Fazal

2 days ago

Would of given more but seen vid of you walking

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Adil Shabbir

2 days ago

May Allah SWT accept your efforts!

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