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Our Story

Currently 607,000 Rohingya refugees have fled to Bangladesh since August 2017 and is continuing to rise daily. The Rohingya are having to go through tremendous struggles to cross the border and has led to many dead Rohingya bodies being washed up on the shores of Bangladesh. The ones that have made it into Bangladesh have arrived weak, hungry and sick.

Rohingya refugees are severely suffering from psychological issues from extreme trauma they have faced and witnessed as persecution persists in Myanmar. Men, women and children have been killed, tortured and raped in front of their own family members. Living conditions have become unbearable with the camps becoming severely overpopulated in the most destitute areas. The lack of resources available have left the Rohingya refugees even more deprived of basic necessities including food and adequate shelter.

our brs and sisters need long term solution to the physiological and physical trauma, people need help and their children need a future.

The Wellbeing Centre

Human Aid UK will be building The Wellbeing Centre, a centre to provide care and healing to the Rohingya to help overcome the tremendous trauma they have been through. The Wellbeing Centre will be an essential part for the distressed Rohingya to adapt themselves in this new environment and rehabilitating them.

As well as supporting the wellbeing of the Rohingya in the in the short-term, the centre will also provide support to the Rohingya in the long-term. The centre will aim to help them re-constitute their lives in Bangladesh in respect to education, therapy and medical programmes.


Bedded Medical Rooms
Outpatient Department
Psychosocial Support Centre
Operation Theatre
Diagnostics Lab
Paediatrics Unit
Vocational Skills Training Centre

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Rescue the Rohingya


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