No Matter How You Say it… ‘Hunger Hurts’


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No Matter How You Say it… ‘Hunger Hurts’ 

Winter Covid-19 Crisis Appeal for Newham Community Project Foodbank  SUPPORTING OVER 1700 international students per week! 

The Current Crisis... 

Now facing the third lockdown, and after a year of Covid19 affecting our lives, the number of people who are pushed into desperation, and need of our help, continues to rise. The majority we support are international students who have NO recourse to government funds, NO grants, and NO bursaries. They were among the first to lose jobs as the economy closed.  Many of them are stuck in the unparalleled situation of choosing between paying their university fees, rent or food. 

Channel 4 has followed the story to present just how serious this matter is and how students are forced into overcrowding and sharing beds just so they can afford to have a place to live, while they continue their studies from their beds. 

What Are We Doing? 

Food banks across the country have seen an explosion in users, and we are no different. We now provide basic food essentials for 1700 people every week, and that number continues to rise. Nobody should go hungry at any time in this country, let alone with the added difficulty at the moment of job losses, the mental strain of lockdown, and the threat of deportation if these students can no longer pay fees. Unfortunately, we can’t help with every issue these students face, but one thing we can do, with your support, is ensure they don’t sleep hungry.  As we are each facing the struggle of the current moment, let’s not forget those who are going through even tougher times, and reach out to those in our community that need help. Whilst we may not be able to see each other, let’s still let them know they are not alone in this community, and we are all willing to help those who so desperately need it. 

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