No more tear stains on her prayer mat

No more tear stains on her prayer mat

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No revert sister should shed tears due to feeling like they're struggling alone with their difficulties. We have a duty to them beyond their shahaadah. We are here to provide them with Solace.

Solace UK is asking you to support revert sisters in difficulty this Ramadan.

 The number of women embracing Islam continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. Alhamdulillah.

 However, the reality of the difficulties they face post-shahaadah is often a far cry from the life they envisioned they would have.

 Many of these women are often forgotten once the shahaadah is uttered. They find themselves alienated by non-Muslim family, on the receiving end of abuse and rejection, facing homelessness and sudden financial difficulty and dealing with difficulties alone.

For nearly 8 years, Solace UK has provided support to over 1000 revert sisters struggling with:

Abandonment by non-Muslim relatives upon entering Islam

Isolation and loneliness

Homelessness due to reversion

Emotional and physical abuse

Marital problems

Difficulties making changes such as wearing hijab, informing non-Muslim relatives of reversion

Doubts in faith and thoughts of leaving Islam

We have a number of services that provide our sisters with support.

Last year Solace UK:

They were provided with a 1-1 support worker who offered them 1.5 hour support sessions weekly

Homeless sisters were housed

Food vouchers and clothing were provided for sisters with sudden financial struggle

Counselling and therapy sessions were provided

Debt relief was provided

They were sent on Islamic courses and social initiatives to help them with loneliness and build their Islamic understanding and knowledge

Court hearings and social services appointments - we attended with them

Marital mediation helped families stay together

Assisting revert sisters with breaking the news to their family was also provided

Iftar gatherings so they didn't need to be alone during this blessed month

Eid gifts were sent at the time of eid


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The happiness and support expressed at the shahaadah has to go way beyond the shahaadah.

Our revert sisters need our support. Support and donate to Solace UK so that the tear stains on her prayer mat are out of joy and love for her deen and not out of desperation.


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