Sohaib's O2 Climb (I will fight Storm Dennis at the top aswell!)

Sohaib's O2 Climb (I will fight Storm Dennis at the top aswell!)

created by Sohaib Bashir

with Muslim Aid

for the Little Smiles campaign

Personal Occasion - Sadaqah Jariyah

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Our Story

Assalaamu'alaykum & hello my peoples!  

It's your boy Sohaib/Sobaib/Sohayd/Sorbet/Shehab/Sophia or whatever you wanna call me - back again!

Gunna keep it short and sweet for you. 

So I'm working alongside Little Smiles, trying to raise £1,000.00 by taking part in climbing the O2! 

The aim is to sponsor 40 children in Sudan over 5 years providing food, clothing, school uniforms, schoolbooks, counselling and support. These are the leaders of the next generation, and will bring about positive change so we need to back them. We're helping entire families, communities and potentially a whole nation here, so be a part of it and don't miss out.

I want you to help me do it. 

Remember small actions lead to the biggest of changes.

You might not get the chance to donate tomorrow, and I'm not asking you to dig deep, just give me the spare change or find that Fiver to Tenner and drop it in. 

So find that drive. 

Be that decision maker. 

Open that door. 

Make that difference.

Do what you need to do.

Charity does not decrease wealth.

Who Will It Help?

You, me, everyone...

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Pushing you to £500

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7 months ago

May Allah accept it from you and all the people who have donated iA

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Erica Elebiola

7 months ago

Well done Sohaib! Erica

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