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At the start of 2020, did you think that Taraweeh prayers would be cancelled this Ramadan? Or that you would not even be able to attend the 5 daily prayers at the East London Mosque?

It’s a sad reality that we’re all facing, but with the help of Allah SWT and the community, the mosque continues to provide vital services to the community. It’s at times like this we realise how important the mosque is to our daily lives, and how it can be taken away from us. 

With just a one-off donation of £12 (£3 per week), you can be the shining light that helps the mosque to continue to provide key services in this unprecedented period. Key services such as Imams’ advice and guidance, food for the needy; and sisters’ counselling for those who have lost loved ones have spiked in recent weeks but donations have plummeted. The mosque cannot survive like this.

Be a shining light of your community and donate just £3 per week or £12 per month now!

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