Shahine's Boat Race

Shahine's Boat Race

created by Shahine Ray


for the Al Noor Annual Boat Race campaign

as a team member of Al Noor Female Team

Personal Challenge - Appealing for a charity

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raised of £500.00 target


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Our Story

Help Al-Noor Foundation to raise funds for developing the next generation of leaders and role models in the UK. Your donations will help maintain and repay our Qardh Hasana of £4.4m.

Your donations will make a huge difference in establishing Al-Noor Foundation as a charitable trust for the next 100 years and beyond in'shaa'Allah. Our Voluntary Aided Muslim Primary School opened in September 2018 catering for over 400 students. Once our secondary school project is complete we will be providing education to over 1000 children every year insha'Allah. Your donations will form the basis of continuous charity, which will carry with it great reward in the Hereafter and the children whose development you will be a part of, will be witnesses for you on the Day of Judgement.

Who Will It Help?

I hope through this fundraising page we can all make a huge difference to this cause.

Help me raise my target.

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Saiqa Bano

11 months ago

Thank you so much. May Allah reward you in this world and the Akirah AMEEN ❤️😘


Masoom Akhtar

11 months ago

Good luck hala shahine x

Thank you Amana and zainab 😘😘

£20.00 + £5.00 Gift Aid


11 months ago

Thank you May Allah reward you in this world and the Akirah ❤️