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It was reported this morning that Russian warplanes have bombed the opposition-held Syrian province of Idlib, which is considered to be their last stronghold. Russia’s intention is to oust the remaining jihadist militants who reside there.

This region in the north-western part of Syria is home to nearly three million people who are mostly civilians – more than one million of these people are already displaced. The UN have already warned that an attack on Idlib “will overwhelm capacities and has the potential to create a humanitarian emergency at a scale not yet seen through this crisis”.

The progressive situation in Idlib will not only increase the death toll in Syria but it will also call for emergency humanitarian aid in this region. The likelihood will be that civilians will be furthered displaced towards the Turkish border and other surrounding areas. Equating in complications for humanitarian aid charities, especially international NGOs, to operate in these high risk areas. In the mid-to-long term civilians will more than likely continue to stay in these new safer areas than return to Idlib.

The reality is the population in Idlib are civilians who have been displaced from their own towns and are finding shelter in Idlib with the help of aid workers on the ground. We are already preparing to assist with:

*Emergency Food Ratio
*Ready to eat meals
*Medical Emergency Services
*NFI kits
*Rehabilitation of collective centers
*Water tracking
*Sewage rehabilitation
*Rapid latrine

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May Allah safeguard the Umah of our beloved prophet (Pbuh). May He accept our prayers and reward the suffering for their patience. Aamiin

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