Sara Iman 4 Little Smiles

Sara Iman 4 Little Smiles

created by Sara Maghouz

with Muslim Aid

for the Little Smiles campaign

as a team member of WESTMINSTER MENASOC

Personal Occasion - Sadaqah Jariyah

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Our Story

AsSalammu Alaykum my lovely people! This year I have been taking part in the charity campaign Little Smiles. The aim of the campaign is to sponsor 40 children in Sudan over 5 years providing food, basic nutrition, clothing, school uniforms, schoolbooks, enrolment, counselling and support inshAllah. The children in Sudan need our help, not only will you be helping these children individually with your donation, but you will also be helping entire families, communities and the leaders of the next generation inshaAllah. 

I will be taking part in the O2 Climb in hopes of raising money for the Little Smiles Campaign, so please find it in your hearts to donate to this beautiful cause and help children that really are in need of the beautiful gift of education and so much more! 

Jazakallah Khayran, May Allah swt reward you all immensely for your donations and may Allah swt place nothing but peace, love, happiness and light in your hearts and lives and those of whom you love. 

Sara Iman :)

Who Will It Help?

I hope that through this fundraising page we can all make a huge difference to this cause. 

Please help me raise my target!

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Paul Sycamore

10 months ago

Well done Sara - Great work

£21.80 + £5.45 Gift Aid


10 months ago

You won.



10 months ago

Aunty Bev ❤️