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Rescue Centre

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Rescue Centre

The purpose of the Rescue Centre is to create a safe area to receive targeted help and support for orphan’s, the disabled, lonely elderly, the poor and those most in need. 

The first generation of the British Bangladeshi community from Sylhet are rapidly disappearing due to return migration and natural causes. Established in 2014, Sylhet Aid’s overarching motivation is to preserve the positive legacies of our parents. Our aim is to continue the good work of our elders by providing aid and long-term support to the poorest and those most in need.

What am I supporting?

Skills development and entrepreneurship to enable people to help themselves out of poverty. To include training facilities to develop skills for livelihoods, for example, sewing, IT, skills around the trades and crafts such as carpentry, farming etc.


Training facilities – providing vocational training and skills for livelihoods

Health Surgery – providing access to health and wellbeing support for those in need

Social enterprise - dedicated to promoting and selling goods produced made in Sylhet. 

International Volunteers Hub – to host volunteers from around the world to offer their skills and expertise.

Sewing Machine Project – providing sewing machines to assist families out of poverty and hardship

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Phone: 07895147055