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Our Story

Noor Ul Islam’s redevelopment project was born out of the need to create a purpose-built mosque to cater for the growing demands of the community. The site which was used for 25 years as a centre point for much of Noor Ul Islam’s great work is now the home to an exciting project we call ‘Project Rebuild’.

Our vision for Project Rebuild mirrors the Prophetic model of the mosque being the centre of the community. All the needs of the community were taken care of by the masjid: worship, education, interfaith and social services. For Him (pbuh), the role of the masjid was to develop the best of society.

Our Community Building will be at the heart of local neighbourhoods, providing a place to worship, learn, meet, work and access services.

Work on our new building is now 75% complete and we need your help to reach the finish line! We are seeking 1000 special people to donate £250 during the blessed month of Ramadhan.

Let’s race for rewards this Ramadhan and contribute to this fantastic community project.

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