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Our Story

Ramadan & Eid-Ul-Adha


Would you like to support the faith needs of a Muslim child living in foster care this Ramadhan?

Would you like to help a Non-Muslim foster carer better understand about Ramadhan and Islam?

For only £15 you can send a gift of joy and spread some love this Ramadhan to a child who has had a poor start in life.

Support our campaign to raise a total of £15,000 and help us send 1,000 gift boxes this Ramadan and Eid-Ul-Adha.

Our Story

Muslim Foster Network was set up by Mercy Mission UK to raise awareness and educate the community about the need for more Muslim foster carers.

Research has identified that of up to half of the Muslim children in care are placed outside of their faith group.

The gift box was introduced as a way to connect with non-Muslim carers who are looking after Muslim children. It provides practical information about Ramadhan and fasting, and serves as a reminder that the Muslim community appreciates and supports the work of non- Muslim carers.

Why we need your help

There are approximately 72,000 children in social care 4,500 of those children are unaccompanied minors.

At least 24% of children in care are from minority groups.

Many children in need of fostering have come to the UK as refugees from war-struck countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan etc


The gift box includes our fostering guide, information for carers on how best to support young people who want to fast, a gift for the foster child and carer, and an invitation to Ramadhan events across England.

These gift boxes aim to give the foster parent an insight into the child’s faith and identity through literature and gifts as a gesture of support for the foster carer from all of us at My Foster Family and Muslim Foster Network.

Following the success of our gift boxes last year, this new Ramadan box will feature a variety of gifts such as:

Books for carer and child (age specific)

Educational resources on Ramadhan and Islam

Dates, sweets and chocolates

Decorations for Eid

Miswak (authentic Middle Eastern toothbrush)

Attar (perfume)

Each Ramadan gift box will cost us £15 GBP to make and will enable the child to feel connected to their faith during the holy month of Ramadan whilst letting the foster carer better support their foster child during this special time.

The contents of the box at retail are over £30, however we are able to source many items at a discounted price from generous suppliers.

Give the gift of joy and spread some love this Ramadhan


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