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BSL Qur'an

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Our Story

Practising our religion, is immensely challenging if not impossible, without the guidance of the holy Qur’an. 

For over 1,400 years now the Qur'an has existed. This is accessible to people worldwide, in almost all languages that exist. The same however is not available to the Deaf community.  We would like to make sure the Deaf community are able to learn about Islam from its primary source. Help translate the Qur'an directly into BSL for the first time in the history of mankind.

“You won’t understand how difficult it is to love Allah, but not be able to read His book.”

Hadith, Vol. 6 No. 201, Sahih Bukhari:

"By Allah, if he (Abu Bakr) had ordered me to shift one of the mountains (from its place) it would not have been harder for me than what he had ordered me concerning the collection of the Quran"


Let this be an opportunity to be inclusive of our deaf Brothers and Sisters who are often neglected in our community. 

Who Will It Help?

InshaAllah with your duas and donations this page will be successful in helping the progression of every letter, ayah and verse being translated into benefitting our ummah. 

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