13 November 2020 London

MuslimGiving launches regular giving to help charities

Regular Giving, a new feature launched today by MuslimGiving to help charities plan ahead and make long term decisions.

Donors now have the ability to make regular donations using their preferred payment method to a campaign or a charity of their choice.

The feature reflects the need for charities to have a more long term and sustainable solutions to the many life changing projects they support.

COVID-19 is having a devastating impact on the charity sector, especially the service they provide. Which is why MuslimGiving will be providing this new service for free, in the hope to make a difference to charities using our platform.

Sadiqur Rahman, Chief Finance Officer of MuslimGiving states: As we adapt to the new norm in the pandemic stricken world, charities are now more dependent on digital technology to raise vital funds than ever before. We hope our new service is able to make a small difference to the many who are in need of support during these testing times.


5 November 2020 London

More people than ever are online in lockdown

As we head back into lockdown, we continue to help and support charities, fundraisers and donors. Our community of givers are online and ready to support the great causes. Thank you for the support. The Muslim community continues to amaze us! Mashallah!

Adults are now spending more than a quarter of their day online – the highest on record – with services such as video meetings, variety of online messaging platforms, voice calls seeing unprecedented growth.

Ofcom reported that in April, during lockdown, people across the UK spent a daily average of four hours online.

It’s likely that the coming months will be the same, so don’t miss out - speak to the charity coaches now or email

COVID-19 Guidance for Muslim Communities

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19 March 2020 London

MuslimGiving Statement on the COVID-19 Outbreak

On the 11th of March 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General, stated that the WHO has made an assessment that COVID-19 can be characterised as a pandemic . This is now a confirmed pandemic and is raging across the world. As we look to Public Health England, the Government and the Department of Health for new instructions. The world is on the brink of a invisible war the likes of one we have not seen since the Second World War.

Our thoughts are with those affected by the virus, particularly those with underlying health issues and the elderly and we wish them a speedy recovery. We remain inspired by our healthcare workers, charities and others voluntary agencies who are caring for people around the world.

As governments around the world try to get a grip on the multi-dimensional crisis triggered by the outbreak Coronavirus (COVID-19), its domino effect is impacting the core facets of modern human life; from Domestic and International travelling to local grocery shopping, to school closures, right up to the financial sector, where it too is dealing with the devastating blow, as share values in major stock exchanges around the world record some of the worst market dips in decades.

While some of the world news headlines may seem like they are taken out of Hollywood movies, it is all too real for many communities around the world, as the countries either have or are in the process of implementing a full/partial lock-down, the type one would expect during times of war.

During these testing times, many communities around the world will depend on government help and assistance in isolation with vital supplies. Unfortunately, past lessons have taught many nations that their government institutions do not have the capacity or resource to deal with a major pandemic, and this is where independent charities, NGO’s, fundriasers, donors and the public make a real positive impact.

No doubt the independent charity sector will be hit hard as they depend on the compassionate donors, the donors whose own livelihood maybe at risk due to the severity of the pandemic.

However, one point to note here, is that the DNA of independent charities is composed of bravery, courage, immeasurable compassion and sheer grit. Even in situations like this, you can be confident, that independent charities together with their community of volunteers, will no doubt will be rolling up their sleeves and preparing to respond to the most needy! Likewise, you can also expect the charities from the Muslim Communities to be galvanising its core networks and resource, preparing to help those in dire need of help and assistance, to support the elderly during self-isolation and providing the necessary support.

The Muslim community in the UK has a track record, when it comes to responding to the global crisis’s, with their values deeply rooted in their faith and desire to help humanity. However, given the contagiousness of COVID-19, all involved in any form help and assistance must take the necessary precaution and not become a conduit for spreading the virus.

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, MuslimGiving have implemented the following with immediate effect:

• Ban all domestic and international travel for all its employees.

• Cancel or reject all face-to-face meetings and enable remote working for its staff.

• COVID-19 Protecting Your Charity: Guidelines developed by Muslim Charities Forum

• It is imperative that we take care of our people—including employees and the communities they work in. We have taken actions to reduce the need for people to come into our offices. At the same time, we know that our stakeholders rely on MuslimGiving’s products and services, and we are committed to keeping them running smoothly. A limited number of staff continue to work in some offices, because certain jobs can only be done onsite.

• The World Health Organization has published a Q&A on coronaviruses COVID-19 which should help you understand the nature and severity of the virus.

• It is also important to follow the UK Governments advise, guidance and response to COVID-19

We want to assure all our partner agencies, service users and all other organisations that we be relentless in our pursuit to maintain a continuous service and undertake all measures to provide the much-needed support for the nation. As a human race we have overcome unimaginable challenges, and this is yet another challenge which we will overcome together!!! At MG we will do all we can to make that difference.

We are supporting The National Emergencies Trust (NET) appeal to help raise funds for local charities to support those individuals suffering hardship as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. The Trust will then award grants to ensure the funds reach those who need it most across the UK.

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2 April 2019 London

MuslimGiving set up to do good.

On Monday 1st of April MuslimGiving welcomed hundreds of charities at the X+Why building based in Whitechapel, London. Charities attended the 1 Year On event from across the country to see first hand how MuslimGiving is keeping up to its promises by helping Muslim charities secure vital funds by providing a bespoke online donation platform for the charities, fundraisers and donors.

Sadiqur Rahman, Chair of MuslimGiving said: "Charity is worship for us, it is a religious duty and it plays a major part in our lives. We will go the extra mile to support our registered charities. We are passionate about MuslimGiving and strongly believe in what it can do to empower the Muslim community".

The event included key distinguished guests including Rahim Jung, Fundraiser and Presenter, Harun Khan, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain, Nick Greenwood, Policy Development for the Fundraising Regulator and Mohamed Ali Harrath, Founder and CEO of Islam Channel.

Harun Khan, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain said "We need to build the capacity of Muslim charities so that they continue giving. Muslims are the most generous”.

Nick Greenwood, Policy Development Officer for the Fundraising Regulator said "Charities do really important work, helping those in the greatest need. MuslimGiving is committed to high standards of fundraising and understands the importance of safer giving and online donations".

Mohamed Ali Harrath, Founder and CEO of Islam Channel said "Giving charity is our faith. MuslimGiving unites Muslim charities under one umbrella and together we are a force for good".

It was an amazing and inspirational evening where charities praised MuslimGiving for their support, advice and the great philanthropy they have shown in times of adversity and emergencies, where MuslimGiving waived fees as a way of their contribution. Charities in the room commended MuslimGiving for being leaders in the sector and paving the way to make life easy for charities, fundraisers and donors and being a user friendly donation platform.

Muslims all around the world are ready to welcome the holy month of Ramadan. MuslimGiving launched a timely new campaign. RamadanGiving which is a special Ramadan campaign by MuslimGiving just for Ramadan. We hope to share great fundraising ideas and encourage people not to just donate but to also take part in fundraising activities with our charities. is a place where you find great fundraising ideas you can take part in this Ramadan. We have something for everybody.

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11 July 2018, London

British Muslims donate £301 per hour over Ramadan 2018

The holy month of Ramadan is a special month in the Islamic calendar when Muslims around the world fast from sunrise to sunset, in the UK it was around 18 hours this year. It’s not only about abstaining from food and drink but also about giving to the poor and the needy. British Muslims donate substantial amounts of money towards charitable causes supporting projects at home in the U.K. and around the world.

This year during Ramadan British Muslims have donated an average £301 an hour over the month of Ramadan through MuslimGiving.

The Chair of MuslimGiving Sadiqur Rahman was very impressed and said “It always amazes us to see the generosity of British Muslims, supporting and donating to vital life saving projects to support the needy at home and abroad”.

The number of Muslims in the UK is approximately 4.1 million and the British Muslim community has been widely acclaimed for their generosity in charitable giving so this isn’t surprising.

According to Third Sector, these numbers don't account for money donated to local mosques or non-Muslim charities. With projects like this receiving support, the long term impact of British Muslim giving will resonate for years to come.

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31 March 2018, London

Muslim Tech Company Launches Revolutionary Donation Platform: MuslimGiving

A London-based Muslim tech firm, founded by digital consultants and former charity fundraisers have unveiled a brand new online donation platform at a key launch event this week. ‘MuslimGiving’ vows to revolutionise fundraising and empower both the Muslim community and non-profit organisations.

With over 50 years collective experience in the charity sector and 5 years of dedicated research, the team behind MuslimGiving have launched the platform that not only meets strict requirements but puts donors fully in the driving seat. The primary aims of MuslimGiving will be to focus on the fundamentals of online fundraising and building relationships between donors and charities. The team behind MuslimGiving believe they have struck the correct balance between donor giving behaviours and setting guidelines that allow non-profit organisations to represent their mission.

According to research carried out by Blackbaud with UK charities, half of those surveyed have external partnerships for online fundraising already in place. Online donations also increased by 18.5% among UK non-profit organisations in 2017.

The number of Muslims in the UK is approximately 4.1 million (Pew Research Centre, 2016) and the Muslim community has been widely acclaimed for their generosity in charitable giving. Huffington Post cited: “Muslims give more to charity than other religious groups” Middle East Eye reported: “British Muslims recognised as the best charity givers - again”.

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