Old Kent Road Mosque Redevelopment - Phase 1


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Our Story

Old Kent Road Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre Redevelopment Project - Phase 1 to commence in 2019


The Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) was reported to have said:


“Whosoever shares in building a masjid for Allah SWT, even if it is as small as a bird’s nest, then Allah SWT will build for him a house in Paradise” (Ahmad)


The Old Kent Road Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre was established in 1991 by the Muslim Association of Nigeria UK (MAN UK). The mosque and community has since grown exponentially and our current space has become inadequate for us to continue to serve the community. For this reason, we plan to demolish the existing two-storey building and rebuild a new six-storey mosque by the will of Allah SWT.


The redevelopment of the mosque will double our current prayer space areas for men and women; expand our Islamic Studies School (Markaz), and help strengthen our outreach within our community.


A total of £4.12 million will be required to complete this entire redevelopment, of which £1.12 million will be required for the demolition of the existing derelict building and commencement of the basement and ground floors insha’Allah


Your donations will help us better serve our community and realise continued positive change through our youth, elders, interfaith and community focused programmes.


Just think about it – all the people who attend the mosque to pray five times a day, every single day a year, the jummah service that is attended by hundreds of people, the hundreds of youngsters learning how to recite the Qur’an, and your fellow brothers and sisters breaking their fast in the month of Ramadan, right here in this Masjid… insha’Allah you’ll get a slice of the reward for all of these and more, coming straight to your scale of good deeds.


Please help support our growing community and don't miss out on the opportunity to invest in your Akhirah and attain the pleasure of the Almighty.


May Allah SWT purify our intentions and accept all our endeavours as a form of ibadah. Ameen

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