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Those at Noor Ul Islam Primary School will be taking part in the 5k fun run - raising money for Noor Ul Islam's project rebuild. Project Rebuild will rebuild our main site, providing a Masjid and associated services. 

The fun run takes place on Sunday 14th October 2018 from 9am at Hainault Forest. This is part of the Al-Noor Fun Run, benefiting our school as well as others. Please support and encourage those running for Noor Ul Islam by donating.



Zaynab, Muhammadyusuf & Aaishah


Marwan & Mariam Hussain's fun run

Amjaid and Ayaan fun run

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Zaynab, Muhammadyusuf & Aaishah

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Ustaadh Majid's fun run

By Majid Ishaque

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Zakariya Hussein-Said's fun run

By Zakariya Hussein Said

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Nafisa, Abu, Yoosuf and Abdullah

By Nafisa, Abu, Yoosuf & Abdullah 💕

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3 months ago

You did it! Well done maashaAllaah!

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Amina Issack-Khatib

3 months ago

Donation of Noorjahan Valli and Rabia Alloo and anonymous. May Allah reward you abundantly. Ameen.



4 months ago

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Umm A

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