Muslim Charity Helping the Needy

Muslim Charity Helping the Needy

Inspired by faith, devoted to humanity.

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Inspired by faith, devoted to humanity. Motivated by our faith, Muslim Charity seeks a world of hope, tolerance and social justice where poverty has been overcome and people live in dignity. For almost two decades, we have been delivering aid and development programmes to transform the lives of the world’s most vulnerable communities. We serve the poor and impoverished as a demonstration of God’s unconditional love for all people regardless of race, religion or gender. Our vision is to create a world of harmony where people of all backgrounds can appreciate life with good health, education and a livelihood. Our mission is saving lives in emergencies and to help the needy by adopting practical ways to root out poverty from the world through provision of education and a livelihood. Our mission is carried out by developing health and educational infrastructures along with providing access to safe water and creating opportunities for livelihoods. We also have as our mission to provide long-term sustainable assistance to the vulnerable communities and facilitating them towards self-reliance.

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Inflatable 5k Run

MC Marrakesh Marathon 2020

Tour De Bangladesh

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Always pushing to make yourself better despite the obstacles. Striving to be a better version of you while giving back too. Make us proud Dulabhai. 💪