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Medaid United Kingdom

Our Story

MedAid United Kingdom is a UK registered charity established with the vision of providing essential healthcare to the underprivileged in remote villages in Africa. We aim to inspire and support the education of disadvantaged children, empower young generations to become self-reliant and live better lives.

We want to raise greater public awareness about some of the most pressing issues facing disadvantaged families in local communities in Africa, particularly relating to healthcare and education. Our greatest vision is to set up healthcare centres, hospitals and education facilities accessible by many remote villages across Africa, allowing local communities better access to vital medicine, professional care and educational resources.


We are dedicated to saving and improving the lives of disadvantaged families in rural communities in Africa through healthcare and education.


To provide high quality, healthcare infrastructure and services, support sustainable farming and empower young generations to become self-reliant.


Since visiting Africa in December 2000, we have significantly helped improved healthcare and the lives of those living in many local communities across Africa.

Some of our achievements so far…

- We have supported our partner Medical Aid Uganda in building 100 beds in Adwir Community Hospital in Alebtong district Northern Uganda and Alemere Medical Aid Community Health Centre in Amolatar district Northern Uganda.

- We have also drilled boreholes in schools and remote villages in Lira district and Kaliro to provide clean drinking water for families in rural communities.

- We have worked in partnership with other UK Charities to distribute water filtration kits (Aquaboxes) to schools, refugee camps and remote villages in Northern Uganda.

- We established  Alemere Medical Aid Community Health Centre in Amolatar District in Northern Uganda

- We support the establishment of  Community Action For  Social Economic Transformation empowering youth and women

- We supported Sustainable Farming and Climate Change Mitigation of rural farmers to alleviate poverty and mitigate climate change.

- We supported the education of underprivileged children in Northern, Eastern and other parts of Uganda by distributing textbooks, science laboratory equipment, educational equipment and materials.

- We supported provision of clean drinking water by drilling bore holes and distribution of water filtration kits in remote villages, school, and refugee camps in Uganda.

- We supported oral health care in Northern Uganda by setting Mobile Dental Surgeries and distributing dental surgeries to remote health centres and hospitals in Northern Uganda. 



MedAid United Kingdom needs all your support to ensure that we can continue to help make a measurable difference to the lives of those in need.


Our Campaigns

End the poverty. Give education.

Children’s Health is Our Wealth- Uganda in need

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