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Our Story

By the grace of Allah we have been given an amazing oppotunity to purchase our Masjid FREEHOLD for £1million in 3 years.

We need your support to FREE the house of Allah.

Burdett Estate Masjid is run by Burdett Bangladeshi Cultural Association (BBCA).

The Burdett Estate Masjid is a purpose built mosque which has been built by the support of the local community.  The mosque has been in build since 1982 and we have recently been given the opportunity to buy the building as freehold from our local council.

Our community as always have already pledged £500k to support the purchase of the freehold, but we need the help of our fellow brothers and sisters to reach our target of £1 million.

We welcome fundraisers to come up with fundraising ideas & events and help us raise the funds for our Masjid via MuslimGiving.


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