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The Foundation of Muslim Association of 1950 -1989 History and Achievements

The association started in United Kingdom as an informal group of Nigerian students in the 1950s, with a view to continue the practice of their religion, creating an avenue for coming together, and to further their religious awareness in a non-Muslim environment.

The sacrifices of the Islamic activities were tremendous up to late 1989 and that culminated in the enviable achievements, notably amongst which sustained Islamic awareness and practice of the deen. However, the achievements were soon lost as a result of their return to Nigeria upon the completion of their studies to take up appointments at home.

The Muslim Association of Nigeria was formally established in UK in February 1961 as a branch of M.A.N in Nigeria by a group of Nigerian students.

The focus of the founding fathers was to encourage brotherly relations and Islamic social interaction among Muslim students of Nigeria most of whom were Yoruba. They were concerned to identify themselves as Muslims, while at the same time they vigorously pursued western education.

That was also the time when Muslims were generally looked down upon in southern part of Nigeria as second-class citizen, at a time when the Christian sponsored education system was blatantly engaged and hell bent in converting any prospective 1st school leaving certificate holder to Christianity and forcing them to change their Muslim names to Christian ones. It was time when the remark in vogue was 'Ha! I don’t know you are a Muslim because you don’t look like one' was prevalent.

The founding fathers tried hard to keep faith with Allah (S.W.A.) and the teachings of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) by facing squarely their studies so that they could return home to Nigeria to partake in the post independent development going on at the time. They also improved themselves as much as possible in the practice of Islam.

Hence a good number of their activities revolved round welcoming students from home and showing them the British system with a view to getting them settled in the shortest time possible.Thanksgiving celebrations were held for members for passing their exams as well as on send-off ceremonies for members returning home.

May Allah (S.W.A.) reward them abundantly in this world and the life hereafter.

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