Help Me Raise Funds for my Adopted Mother

Help Me Raise Funds for my Adopted Mother

created by Maimoona & Sarah

with Forgotten Women

for the Support Your Another Mother campaign

Personal Challenge - Appealing for a charity

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Our Story

Sat in an AlMaghrib seminar listening to a speaker on behalf of The Forgotten Women Charity, we were brought to tears when learning about the level of poverty that affects many women across the world. What struck us the most is what lengths some women have to resort to in order to feed their families - in some cases going as far as prositituiton. This charity is very unique in that it specifically targets women in need. The Another Mother campaign is designed to help women in severe poverty who have no male support providing income for the household to be able to generate immediate income. These are very vulnerable women who are often getting by through by begging, scavenging, hard labour if they can find work or as a last resort turning to prostitution.  Their children often become street children and lured into becoming child labourers just to be able to eat just one meal a day. The money paid to these women is normally as little as 40p to £1.50 a day. 


With your support and help we can set these women up in business - a one- time intervention that will provide instant income and also means that they will never have to beg again. It also means that their children can be looked after and be off the streets. In many cases the money earned is enough to feed the entire family daily and take care of their other basic needs as such as education and shelter. After intervention, business setup and support the women can earn as much as £170 a month - a far more significant income then 40p a day or begging. The average cost of setup is £500 per woman. We have projects operating in Somalia, Malawi and Bangladesh.

Who Will It Help?

Raising £5000 will enable 10 women to start up their own business and empower them to make a living independently. 

Please donate generously and help us reach our target!

Jazak'Allaah Khayr,

Maimoona & Sarah

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