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Nursing Training Project

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Our Story

Within the Maher project, Kafel Aid provided various vocational training for young refugees in the eastern part of Sudan. Based on the experience we achieved through our regular visits to Sudan and the information we gathered from the local organisations, we came to know that refugees camps are in severe shortage for medical professionals like doctors, nurses, and midwives. Therefore Kafel Aid in conjunction with Organisations in Sudan, we are launching this campaign to provide comprehensive nursing training for 100 young female and male Eritrean refugees to become nurses who will provide essential health services, prevent diseases and deliver Insha Allah professional health care services to individuals and families based on the primary health care approach.

The outputs for this training insha Allah will:

Help young refugees to acquire well-respected qualifications in nursingGraduates are expected to provide essential medical assistance for the Eritrean refugees in particular and for the whole Sudanese community in general.By the sake of Allah, they will help prevent diseases and promote health care level within that poor areaEconomically, such training will definitely improve the living level of the graduates and their families through which, as a consequence, will lead to being dependent on their skills rather than relying on aid charities.Reduce the mortality rate in the targeted area

This is one of the Sadaqa Jariya (continuing donation) which continues to benefit you even when you have passed from this world. By donating towards this cause you will be helping in educating and training refugees males and females and whatever support, cure and assistance they provide to people in need for years to come, inshaAllah.


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