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With every day that goes by, there are approximately 8,500 mothers who are giving birth in Bangladesh. However, due to very poor maternal healthcare, 5,500 mothers’ lives are lost – that’s 5,500 mothers who are unable to welcome their newborns into the world each year. Most of these deaths are preventable. We aim to support vulnerable mothers through education and fairer access to healthcare.

A Mother’s Prayer is our new Ramadan campaign which will support hundreds more mothers this year. We hope to reach a target of £5,000 which will be going towards the running of our next Maa maternal health camp. This consists of specialised doctors and volunteers delivering educational workshops and providing free healthcare to pregnant women living  in rural villages of Sylhet, Bangladesh.  

As part of this campaign, we're launching #FundraiseFifty. We encourage you to start a fundraiser of £50 which you and your friends/family can get involved in! Simply click 'Start Fundraising' to begin and reap the rewards of raising money for charity throughout the blessed month of Ramadan. Alternatively, you can donate your chosen amount too; no amount is too small!

Your donations and generosity will not only support a mother, but her newborn child too.

With 30 days to make a difference, let’s answer #AMothersPrayer.

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