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Our Story

We’re a grassroots charity dedicated to supporting mothers in resource-poor settings.

What We Do

We provide medicine, resources and education to mothers and young women in developing countries, in hopes of improving maternal healthcare and empowering the next generation. Each year a group of volunteers from the UK set up health camps with follow up care being given every two months after. 

Why We Do It

Currently 99% of maternal mortality occurs in developing countries, with pregnancy being the 3rd leading cause of death for Bangladeshi women. We aim to reduce these figures through simple and sustainable healthcare made available in resource poor areas. 


JourneyMaa is our flagship annual project where we send a group of volunteers from the UK to Bangladesh. While there, they set up health camps which check mothers blood glucose, blood pressure and urinalysis scores. Students and professionals work alongside our Bangladeshi team to help diagnose early signs of conditions such as Pre-eclampsia and eclampsia, women found who test positive are then given the proper treatment and medication to manage future complications. The health camps run during JourneyMaa are followed up every two months by our resident doctors so that mothers can continue to receive care even after our UK volunteers have returned home. This is vital as the women will often have no other treatment during their pregnancy due to poverty, distance or lack of information. 

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