Team Ansar: In Aid of the Syrian Refugees

Team Ansar: In Aid of the Syrian Refugees

created by Team Izzah

with Human Aid UK

for the Hopeville - Homes campaign

as a team member of Team Izzah- In aid of the Syrian refugees

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Our Story

Syria's civil war is trampling on its’ children as easily as it is killing its’ adults. The 2.6 Million child refugees now internally displaced inside Syria represent a lost generation.

We need to prevent losing a whole generation of children in Syria. By Safeguarding them and giving them opportunities to learn, developing their skills and healing the wounds of the conflict. 

Human Aid UK have had years of experience inside Syria, reaching the most needy in the hardest of places. We want to now combine our expertise to provide more than an appropriate shelter or a food pack to these vulnerable and innocent people who are in the most dire of circumstances.

We are building hope in a unique village, ‘Hopeville’ for Orphans and Widows inside Syria; it will comprise of 50 homes, a mosque, a school and a activity centre!

For £6000 you can provide a widow and orphans with a fully furnished home!

The homes are securely grouped into 2 bedroom self-contained flats with 4 of these in each building. There will be a communal wall for added protection, guards and gated access points. Lamp posts running off the communal generator will keep the area well lit to avoid night time security issues and all the properties will be fully furnished and ready for their occupants to focus on rebuilding their lives. Each home will also come with its own solar pack that will maintain personal electricity stability and take a pressure off the main generator.

Your donation will also help with the delegation operational cost in order for me to deliver this urgent aid.

Who Will It Help?

I hope through this fundraising page we can all make a huge difference to this cause.

Help me raise my target.

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Fahida Siddikha

1 year ago

Good Luck Maidul Bro

£50.00 + £12.50 Gift Aid


1 year ago


Shipa Akhtar

1 year ago

May Allah reward you immensely, Aameen. Keep my family in your du’aa nanabhai. Lots of love from your youngest grandchild Ayesha xx


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Ernst & Young

1 year ago

Donation paid into Human Aid UK account, confirmed.



1 year ago

Let us continue to fundraise and support these orphans in sha Allah.



1 year ago

May Allah bring ease to the suffering orphans of Syria. Ameen.