In the footsteps of Hajar (ra)

In the footsteps of Hajar (ra)

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Our Story

The beloveds of Allah sacrificed what they loved most for Him. This Dhul Hijjah, what will you sacrifice? 

Hajar's desperate struggle became a ritual of the Hajj Pilgrimage practised for centuries. The reward for her faith and patience: the spring of Zamzam that continues to quench the thirst of millions. Every Dhull HIjjah, we honour our Mother Hajar (ra). But what of our sisters who share a similar fate to her today? 

HHUGS supports single mothers impacted by counter-terror measures and detention. With their husbands in prison, these women struggle with social isolation and financial hardships as they try desperately to provide for their children. With no one to rely on but Allah, they are the Hajars living in our midst. 

This Dhull HIjjah, your Qurbani and Sadaqah need not travel too far to lift a single mother out of destitution. Those mothers most in need of help and healing are closer than we think. 

"If there are poor people in one's own country, then it is better to give it to them so as to meet their is preferable to slaughter it in the country where you are." (Ibn Jibrin)

Here are some of our packages you can donate towards which will help the families:

Gift Her - £10

Enable her to buy her children gifts for Eid.

Unite Her Family - £50

Facilitate a prison visit on Eid.

Sacrifice (Qurbani) - £160

Qurbani meat or feed her family for a month for £250.

Heal Her - £200

Professional counselling to tackle trauma.

Connect Her - £350

Connect her isolated family with the community this Eid.

Shelter Her - £500

Rent, utilities and essential repairs.

Empower Her - £500

Education, driving lessons and vocational training.

Relieve Her - £1,000

Alleviate her of debts that weigh heavy on her.

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I hope it is used in the best possible manner to help distressed sisters.