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Our Story

Human Aid UK has recently visited Gaza.  We are currently in discussion with our partners and the relevant authorities with regards to entry in to Gaza.  We are selecting delegates who are able to raise £10,000 for either an ambulance or a patient transporter, and are able to travel into Egypt within 48 hours’ given notice.  The borders of Gaza is currently open and this opportunity will unlikely arise again.  We have limited seats for this as a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Despite an unjust blockade, Human Aid UK has been working in the besieged territory for over eight years. Our projects provide vital lifeline services to Palestinians:

- AL-SHIFA HOSPITAL | Human Aid UK have established and continues to support an Emergency Ward, at Al-Shifa Hospital - Gaza's largest central hospital. With your support, we have supplied emergency bedding, ultrasound equipment and replenishing dangerously low medical supplies - inspite of the blockade. As well as continuing to support two Doctors and seven Nurses, to provide life saving treatment to an already overwhelmed facility. 

- AMBULANCES | We have successfully equiped the ministry of health with brand new 4x4 Ambulances, that can operate in the rough terrain left in the aftermath of airstrikes. These Ambulances are the difference between life and death for Palestinians, ensuring casualties are transported as fast as possible to medical attention - whether inside the ambulances or to hospitals. 

- GAZA WATER | 90% of the water in Gaza is not fit for human consumption (United Nations). Human Aid UK have successfully provided fresh clean drinking water to thousands of Palestinians, for eight years and running in the strip's many refugee camps. Our water tankers are supplied directly from our water filtration plant inside Gaza. Without water, there simply cannot be life. 

- SWITCH ON GAZA | Due to the Israeli blockade and political strife with the Palestinian Authority, power shortages are a stark and dark reality in Gaza. Many Palestinians only having access to a matter of hours per day, unneccasary deaths and casualties have occured from the shortages. From whole homes burnt down due to candle-lit fires to operational theatres not able to save lives... Human Aid UK provides an uninteruptible supply of power for only £300.

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May Allah give the Palestinians abundance in patience and steadfastness. And may Allah accept this little donation from me.


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