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Our Story

Muslim Charity has been working with street children in Bangladesh for almost 5 years. Along with local ground partners we have established a mechanism to rescue ‘street children’.

We have several sites in Dhaka that act as informal schools to engage, track, and encourage children to come off the streets. These are manned by Social mobilisers and experienced staff who will rescue children into our transitional shelter.

The transitional shelter again based in Dhaka is where children will start their healing process. It’s a safe place where we will start to extract the journey and story of the child as well as develop leads to find their families.

The children are kept for a maximum of 6 weeks and if within this time their families are found they are reunited with the support of government agencies.

For the children that have no family they are referred onto partner or government orphanages.



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Please use my money appropriately. I really want to help. I see your charity is doing good work but you have so little donations. Such a shame.

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