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Syria's civil war is trampling on its’ children as easily as it is killing its’ adults. The 2.6 Million child refugees now internally displaced inside Syria represent a lost generation.

We need to prevent losing a whole generation of children in Syria. By Safeguarding them and giving them opportunities to learn, developing their skills and healing the wounds of the conflict. This is vital for the future of these children and for Syria. Children in Syria have witnessed and experienced things no child should be exposed to. But despite the suffering, children have an amazing ability to recover and heal. They want to learn and have better futures.

Human Aid UK have had years of experience inside Syria, reaching the most needy in the hardest of places. We want to now combine our expertise to provide more than an appropriate shelter or a food pack to these vulnerable and innocent people who are in the most dire of circumstances.

We are building hope in a unique village, ‘Hopeville’ for Orphans and Widows inside Syria; it will comprise of 50 homes, a mosque, a school and a activity centre. Hopeville will not just provide all the basic necessities, but also provide vocational courses for the widows, education and psychological support for the orphans. This will help the children overcome the trauma that they have suffered and be prepared for the future.

Bring #Hopeville to Life.

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