Save a sisters house from getting repossessed

Save a sisters house from getting repossessed

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Our Story

A sister recently went through a divorce due to which a lot of legal costs incurred onto her and she had no choice but to pay them. During this process, she started falling short of her house payments. Currently, she owes £6,955, if she doesn't pay this amount her house is at risk of getting repossessed. She has 3 dependent children with her and their case is with a shelter caseworker at the moment. We are choosing to fundraise for this case as this is a very important cause to us as a charity and we want you to join us as well in helping her in her situation. 

I will be dealing with her case over the next few weeks inshaAllah, while the case is being processed please donate as much as you can so we can help her collectively in this situation.

Please help us be the change and make the difference.

jazakAllah khairan

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