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Our Story

Hear Women is excited to be launching its first ever Orphan Challenge. 

Together, with our friends at Mayyar, we are aiming to provide education equipment and support to orphans in three countries.

- Somalia

- The Gambia

- Syrian Orphans in Turkey

£36 will pay for the school equipment of an orphan for the entire year, this will include, stationary, text books, school bag and notebook. This can also be paid in small instalments of £3 a month. 

Hear Women and Mayyar have a common objective of ensuring we will be ending the cycle of poverty through the gift of education. This means putting in time, effort and resources into the young people we are responsible for. 


Sponsoring 20 orphans school equipment

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Sponsoring 20 orphans school equipment

By Tiana Bayemani

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