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Our Story

Al-Noor Foundation strongly believes in making a positive change to the lives of the individuals, families and communities which we impact on a daily basis. Tarbiyyah is at the heart of this, and alongside the spiritual and intellectual development of our stakeholders, we believe the physical development is just as important.


This physical development is embodied in our Annual Fun Run, where the Foundation has partnered with 313 Fitness, and a number of primary and secondary schools, to endorse the benefits of running to children and adults, but also provide them with an opportunity to raise money for their respective causes in'shaa'Allah.


The funds raised by Al-Noor runners will go towards helping build the largest Muslim secondary school in the UK in'shaa'Allah. We have chosen MuslimGiving as our official fundraising platform for this event, which will make the process of setting up fundraising pages for registered runners much easier.


Team313 Ladies Running

Al Noor Year 6 Team

Al Noor Year 5 Team


Aaminah's 5k charity run

Aaminah Kothia

Sara Umer 's fun run

Top teams

Orange and Mandarin

By Shams Begum

£3,926.92 + £675.84 Gift Aid

Olive and Fig

By Shams Begum

£3,121.16 + £440.70 Gift Aid

Team313 Ladies Running

By 313 Fitness

£2,787.84 + £483.41 Gift Aid

Top fundraising pages

Akhter and Abdullah's run

By Akhter Raouf

£1,396.40 + £222.85 Gift Aid

Ridwan and Faiza's 5Km Fun Run

By Faiza Khan

£909.60 + £144.05 Gift Aid

Khalil Rehman

By Khalil Rehman

£836.80 + £78.10 Gift Aid

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