Emergency Flood in Bangladesh 2020


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Our Story

Almost 30 districts including Kurigram, Lalmonirhat, Jamalpur, Sherpur in Bangladesh have been hit with heavy flooding that has affected thousands of families. As the floodwater recedes, families are returning home to find that their homes, belongings, and lives have been torn apart by this unforgiving natural disaster.

In fact, those 30 areas of Bangladesh have been hit by the floods, affecting over 50,000 people. Their lives are devastated to the point where they have nowhere to turn and they have to start all over again. However, that is easier said than done because they simply do not have the means to start all over again. Financially they were already poor but now they are left with nothing and face a real struggle to get their lives back on track.

However, the damage and heartache go beyond this because food and water supplies and livestock have also been affected and that means that men, women, and children are left hungry and thirsty. While the government goes some way to help the victims it is still not enough and that puts lives at risk. So, in order to help victims survive and get back on their feet, your donations can really make a difference to the way in which they recover.

How your donations help
Regardless of how much or little you donate, your donations can help to make a real difference. Collectively, you can provide them with everything they need to live their lives and begin rebuilding.

Food and water
Food is vital to families in order for them to stay healthy while having the energy to continue fighting and rebuilding their lives. Your donations will provide them with enough food to sustain them, helping them to feel as though they have a chance of standing strong once again.
Your donations will also enable them to have access to fresh drinking water. We all understand just how important water is to our health and it is vital that everyone remains suitably hydrated.

As homes have been damaged and torn apart, families have nowhere to live but your donations can provide them with a basic shelter that keeps them safe and out of the rain. This will lift their spirits and help them to feel as though they have a home that they can rebuild from.

Many people were left with the clothes on their backs. Everyone has the right to access clean clothing that helps to protect them from the elements. Your donations can help to give them basic clothing for all men, women, and children.

Medical Care
Flooding causes a wide range of problems when it comes to medical care. People can become injured and find that they no longer have access to any medical intervention that they once had. To further add to the misery, diseases and illnesses become more apparent as a result of the flooding as access to medication is restricted. However, your donations will enable them to have access to the medical attention they deserve.

Please help us be the change and make the difference.

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