Atikur Khan fundraising for ELMT Waqf Fund

Atikur Khan fundraising for ELMT Waqf Fund

created by Atikur Khan

with East London Mosque & London Muslim Centre

for the ELM Waqf (endowment) Fund campaign

Personal Challenge - Appealing for a charity

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Our Story

Thank you for visiting my MuslimGiving page.

I have pledged to raise £1000 for the East London Mosque Waqf fund this Ramadan.

East London Mosque currently has the £2.9m loan ( Qard Hasanah) to be repaid in due course.  By donating towards the Waqf Fund this will enable the mosque to become self-sustainable as the funds generated can be used to pay off its debts, help sustain the projects and services for the community.
When ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab acquired a piece of land, he asked the Prophet, peace be upon him, how best to use it. The Prophet advised him to establish it as waqf, and give its profit as charity.
Jazakumullah Khair for your support.

Who Will It Help?

I hope through this fundraising page we can all make a huge difference to this cause.

Help me raise my target.

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