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Our Story

Our story


Muslim Foster Network was set up by Mercy Mission UK to raise awareness and educate the community about the need for more Muslim foster carers.


Research has identified that of up to half of the Muslim children in care are placed outside of their faith group.


The gift box was introduced as a way to connect with non-Muslim carers who are looking after Muslim children. It provides practical information and serves as a reminder that the Muslim community appreciates and supports the work of non- Muslim carers.

How you can support


You can support the faith needs of a Muslim child living in foster care this Eid!


For only £15 you can send a gift of joy and spread some love this Hajj season to a child who has had a poor start in life.


Support our campaign to raise a total of £3,000 and help us send 200 gift boxes this Eid-Ul-Adha.




These gift boxes aim to give the foster parent an insight into the child’s faith and identity through literature and gifts as a gesture of support for the foster carer from all of us at Muslim Foster Network.


Following the success of our gift boxes last year and during Ramadan, this new Hajj Eid box will feature a variety of gifts such as:


Educational resources on Islam and Hajj


Mosque hat for males and headscarf for females 


Pray Mat 


ZamZam water bottle


Sweets and biscuits


Decorations for Eid 


Books for carer and child (age specific)


Each Eid gift box will cost us £15 GBP to make and will enable the child to feel connected to their faith during the holy month of Hajj and celebration of Eid, whilst letting the foster carer better support their foster child during this special time.



“Alhumdulilah with the blessings of Allah I was granted permission to join millions of others on Hajj this year. I will leave for Mina on Friday morning insha’Allah followed by the day of Arafat on Saturday.  


The Day of Arafah is the 9th Day of Dhul-Hijjah, the last month in the Islamic calendar. On this day, the pilgrims performing Hajj gather on the mountain planes of Arafah asking Allah, the Most Merciful, to forgive them. That is why it is called The Day of Arafah. Just like how Laylat-ul-Qadr is the greatest night of the year, the Day of Arafah is by far the greatest day of the year in the sight of Allah. What makes this day so special is that Allah forgives the sins of the Hajj pilgrims standing on Arafah. 


‘A’isha (May Allah be pleased with her) reported that Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said:


“There is no day when God sets free more servants from Hell than the Day of Arafah. He draws near, then praises them to the angels, 

saying: What do these (people) want?” (Muslim 1348)


The amazing thing about this journey has been seeing the diversity, unity of Muslims from across different countries. 

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