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We raise money to provide critical grassroots humanitarian aid to meet the urgent daily needs of refugee men, women and children in Europe. We provide clothes and blankets to a person who's cold, shelter to a person left homeless, nutritious food for someone who is hungry, and much much more. We care passionately about helping refugees with dignity and in friendship. Person-to-person. Human-to-human.

At Donate4Refugees we give our time voluntarily to the cause so that your donations can be spent on aid. We support spending donations in the refugee hosting communities to support local businesses and build goodwill.

Our grassroots work is filling the humanitarian void left by governments and large aid agencies. It's been devastating to watch an official response to the crisis that's been built on unfounded fear and racism, fueled by an irresponsible tabloid press. And the impact has cut deep with closed borders,  sea rescue operations shut down, increasingly inhumane conditions in the official camps, and homelessness and police brutality elsewhere. 

Unable to stand by and watch, everyday people have stepped in and stepped up to what's been called the greatest grassroots movement of our time. Since 2015, people have been raising funds, volunteering, collecting aid and driving donations across the continent. Ordinary people making an extraordinary difference. And here at Donate4Refugees we bring together the collective power of working with like-minded grassroots individuals and groups to live our values of trusted, connected and effective and make it easy for you to do your part and help refugees too.

Thank you for supporting our important work. After all, if we don't help refugees, who will? 

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