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Day and Night Centre – Children of the Brothel



Daulatdia is the biggest brothel in Bangladesh and fourth biggest in the world. It houses over 2,000 sex workers and 800+ children. It ‘serves’ over 3,000 clients each day and exposes these children to an environment where they are groomed at a very early age.


They live in a world where sexual abuse, torture and violence is the norm. They are marginalized from the community and find it difficult to enrol into mainstream schools. The stigma of being a child of a sex worker also means that they have difficulties in accessing other services.


Children as young as 5-6 help their mothers by cleaning the rooms after a ‘client’ visit. They handle dirty used paraphilia as well as being exposed to drugs like Yabba.    

Young girls are groomed and are forced into prostitution from a very young age where they are abused and sold for a few pounds to countless men.

The evil desire of sexually abusing virgin young girls commands a high price and due to poverty, violence and lack of opportunity sex workers see no option but to force their own children into prostitution and sell them to the highest bidder.    

Children develop severe mental illnesses such as post traumatic stress disorder, depression and often self-harm. Children lack confidence and are suspicious or petrified of any male interaction.    

We have been working with vulnerable children in Bangladesh for a number of years and have successfully rescued 1,000’s of children from evils of the street.

We have rescued children who have been in bonded sexual slavery and reunited lost children with their families.


Day and Night Centre

Now with your help we have now embarked on this new journey to save children from the brothels.

We have initiated a safe home where children can leave the brothel and stay during the day and night. They will receive love, care, and support from dedicated members of staff who understand their complex situation and needs.  

. This is a place where they can play, learn, and be children.


Please support this unique project to enable us to rescue and support as many ‘children of the brothels’ as possible.



Please note that Zakat donations will only be used for the Zakat applicable elements of this project such as uniforms and food. Please add Zakat in your comments to make sure we allocate this accordingly. 


Children of the Brothel - Daulatdia

Save a Child

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