GWC Detention release. Unaccompanied child cases.


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Our Story

Goodwill Caravan are currently working on two child detention release cases.

Case 1. Ali, aged 10, Syrian. Unaccompanied child who has been detained since the end of November 2019

He survived the refugee trail over to Greece by boat, he traveled with a group, His family sold everything they had to get him safely out of Syria, to send him to his aunt in London. Smugglers then asked for more money from his family back in Syria, they had nothing left so the smugglers left him on the shores of Greece where olive detained him. He is terrified. He is a relative of one of Goodwill Caravan's supported families in the UK which is how we got the call.out. For reunification we need to fly his aunt to Greece, undertake DNA testing and obtain court papers.

The cost of everything is £5,000. Flight tickets, accommodation for the aunt, court fees, lawyer fees. To then put him safely in a Goodwill Caravan shelter as temporary guardians in Athens. This is until the court papers are complete and we can reunite him with his aunt and start papers to see if the UK will accept reunification. We are flying his aunt out next week to start the process. Please help if you can, he is only 10.

Case 2 is an 8 year old boy also from Syria. He arrived on the same boat and is currently detained in the same cell as case 1.

We need your help to release these two children, aged 8 and 10, from a detention center in Greece. They are alone and terrified. Please do all you can to help us raise funds for their reunification with family.

All photos used are from previous Goodwill Caravan detention center visits. We are not permitted to publish photos of our current cases.

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