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Our Story


We want to establish a loving and nurturing relationship as a Mother naturally would with a child for every individual we work with.


We provide physical exercise for the people we work with as we believe exercise is a very fundamental part of keeping the body and mind healthy with a positive outlet to focus on. We teach and provide sporting activities such as Football, basketball, and athletics.


In the modern world having qualifications are of the utmost importance, we provide educational support to assist with peoples careers or to better peoples knowledge. We teach the fundamental subjects such as English, maths and IT.


Mothers and children are the basis of every society, everyone is born from a mother. and everyone is a child at one point in their life.

On this premise, we believe it is the utmost importance to have strong foundations for all parents and children across the world.

Mother and child welfare organisation (MACWO) focuses on providing physical, emotional and educational support to vulnerable parents

and children as well as young people.


Every donation made allows you to support our organisation's cause. Your support and contribution allow us to grow and expand helping struggling communities. Any donation made is graciously welcomed.

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1 year ago

Khadra Mohamud Cali This is wonderful Charity that support our youth., Thank you MACWO.


Abdullahi Mohmoud

1 year ago

Diqdiqeeye This is worthy charity. Thank you MACWO for what you stand for.


Nimo S Ahmed

1 year ago