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Ansar Finance is a UK Registered Charity (1156023) with the vision of providing support through Islamic Finance.

We aim to alleviate debt poverty and financial hardship through Qard Hasan (interest-free loan), education, financial guidance as well as research and development.
Islam teaches us to distributes wealth fairly. The hoarding of wealth in the hands of a few is detrimental and interest perpetuates the misery of millions. What we are witnessing today is the proliferation of payday lenders charging exceptionally high rates of interest (up to 6000%) and an increase in illegal lenders (loan sharks) who charge over a 100,000% in interest. This is the reality of what is taking place right here in the UK.

We deliver education programmes and clinics to teach how INTEREST harms society.

In addition to education programmes, we offer an interest-free loan scheme (Qard al-Hassan/ Benevolent Loans) in the UK. To date, we have granted over £3,900,000 in interest-free loans.

We can only offer these services through your generous donations. Join us in this cause to make our vision a reality.

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Save a sisters house from getting repossessed

Zakat Fund

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