A forgotten father

A forgotten father

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Our Story

A forgotten father.

We all know when the sound of drums gets louder we tend to close our eyes hoping the loud noise disappears, but let’s be honest closing our eyes and hoping it disappears is impossible, because reality says otherwise. Because the sound of drums is still there and the productive way to deal with it is by facing the pain and doing something about it.

This is a rough analogy of the many pains we all are going through in our individual lives.

I’m going to keep this very short as I know you are all well very busy. 

For many of us we are parents, husbands, wives and children to our parents. Many of us are also planning and creating a prospective lifestyle for marriage. But the purpose of life really doesn’t end there, Allah (swt) has created each of us with a clear purpose. We all have different talents and its paramount  upon us to find out individually the purpose to why Allah has created us, and for us to use our individual abilities and to merge that with how we can support the ummah at large.

I have a daughter, she recently turned 3. I’ve never witnessed my daughter crawl, never witnessed her teeth grow, never saw  her take her first steps, never heard her say her first words and sentences, and I never witnessed to see her grow.

I was forced to miss all of that, I fought and struggled but I was denied access to my child when I haven’t done nothing. And when I mention the sound of drums, those sounds were so painful for me that at times I felt unloved, hurt and unwanted. But I never gave up, I always focused on Surah Duha verse 3 and 4 where Allah says, “O Prophet, your Lord has neither forsaken you, nor is He displeased. Indeed what is to come will be better for you than what has gone by.” 

Sometimes it can be difficult to comprehend, but when you deal with negatives with positive energy driving your inner self to be patient and leaving your trust in Allah that is the first step towards an optimistic future. What I mean is don’t just lay back and think things will get better but step up face reality and do something about it.

I did, but my doors kept shutting on my face but that is not going to make me give up. I won’t go into detail to why I’ve been stopped to see my own child as I want to keep the respect for the mother of my child. And I will keep my matter anonymous. 

But let’s just say on one Eid, I went to give gifts to my own child, waited outside her grandads  house. I couldn’t even deliver those gifts to my own daughter. I wasn’t even allowed to smell her, give her a kiss on her forehead and/or give her a fathers Eid hug.

I was told to go away, and when I looked from outside I saw my daughter with her innocent eyes looking at me as though she can feel my empty heart but there’s nothing we both can do but stare and remember our memories together. 

Imagine as a father not being able to see your child grow and another man abusing your rights not because he has power but he knows every time you try he can call the police because end of the day my daughters is with his daughter and his daughter is at his house.

I was denied to see my daughter and at one point been threatened by her grandad that he will kill my daughter.

But once again the sound of drums are getting louder but that’s how far it will go, because no matter how loud they are or can get it will never brake me. And I want brothers and sisters to know that if I can be strong and be brave, then please be brave with me with your own struggles. Allah says we are one unit, we are there for each other, to support each other and that’s why the ummah of Prophet Muhammad (saw) is the best ummah and last.

In a nutshell, I will transcend the normality of fighting for my daughter in courts not because I don’t want to but because I can’t afford to. Therefore, I will not go to that road, I will use an alternative road.

Let me tell you how. My situation isn’t killing me, my situation is peanuts in comparison to that little girl in Syria who has no father in future to go visit or turn to, because her father wasn’t stopped on Eid but far worse her father was slaughtered in front of her. My daughter just saw me being told that I can’t see her, but that little girl was told you no longer have a father using a bullet to his head, and far worse she no longer has stability because her siblings have all been victims of an acid attack while at school.

So I rather not use my money for courts for me to get one day of the week, where I get to see my daughter whilst being supervised in a day care for an hour. Is this the state of the ummah, how will we support our little ones in sham, Arakan and Gaza? when we are abusing fathers and mothers and letting our children be a source of weapon it seizes to amaze me. 

So with Human Aid I will (on behalf of my daughter) so that I can tell her when she grows up that I did it for her and because of her she was inspiration to why many children were able to grow up to see their father because of the struggle me and my daughter went through.

So the duas of the oppressed in shaam and the dua of a father will go unnoticed. And I have yakeen that my daughter will one day come back to me and give me that Eid hug that I am still waiting for.

The 2.6 Million child refugees now internally displaced inside Syria representing a lost generation. Support me my brothers and sisters, I will be travelling to the borders of Syria to build hope in a unique village, ‘Hopeville’ for Orphans and Widows inside Syria; it will comprise of 50 homes, a mosque, a school and a activity centre!For £6000 you can provide a widow and orphans with a fully furnished home!

I will start my journey by climbing a mountain that I once did with my little girl. I’ve never videoed before but since you will be supporting me from the get go, I will keep you posted through out the journey and finally you will get to see how far your donations have gone and see the beautiful results.

Please remember the ummah is one body and that if you take care of the command of Allah, Allah will take care of you. Just like the story in Surah Kahf verse 82, where Allah took care of the two orphans were their father highly loved Allah and obeyed He SWT’s commandments.

As for the wall, it belonged to two orphan boys in the city, and under it there was a treasure that belonged to them. Their father was a righteous man and your Lord intended that they should come of age and then bring forth their treasure as a mercy from your Lord; I did not do this of my own bidding. This is the true meaning of things with which you could not keep your patience." 

The father of the two orphans had a great relationship with Allah and followed the rules set by Allah, that after he passed away Allah took care of the treasures for the two orphans that their father had set aside for them.

A little giving can go far my brothers and sisters and the reward will be between you and Allah SWT.

Support me in my quest, be there with me with you duas and generous donations. Your donation will also help with the delegation operational cost in order for me to deliver this urgent aid.

BarakAllahu feekum.

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