Tuhinul's Al isharah emergency appeal

Tuhinul's Al isharah emergency appeal

created by tuhinul Haque

with Al Isharah

for the Ben Nevis Deaf Trek 2020 campaign

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Our Story

As salaamu alaykum brothers and sisters. Al isharah is in dire need of funds. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic all day to day activities have come to a halt and our trek to Ben Nevis had to be cancelled until further notice. Al isharah is holding an emergency appeal in order to raise enough funds to keep going. If we are not able to do so we may not be here within the next few months and will no longer be able to provide our deaf community with access to Islam through.


·  A specialist weekend school for deaf children teaching them core principles of Islam

·  Adults Islamic lesson taught in British Sign Language

·  A monthly spiritual lecture addressing prominent issues for the deaf community

·  A Friday sermon (khutbah) interpretation for once a week access to a Mosque

·  The British Sign Language Qur’an translation project

·  Deaf Hajj/Umrah

·  Deaf Marriage Services

·  British Sign Language Courses for all


We had a fantastic start to last year with brothers and sisters trekking mount Snowdon and raising almost £20,000!! With your help, this year we plan to do the same insha’Allah!!

For the continuity of the Al Isharah Deaf Friendly Services and our QBSL Project which is equally very dear to us, please support us in raising our target of 20K.


With your help, we can complete the translation of the Qur’an in Sign language. We are just 2 Surah’s away from completing the 30th Juzz. Alhamdulillah!!


Please donate generously by giving sadaqah jariyah to this beautiful cause and contribute in making a difference to so many lives.


Thank you for taking time to visit our page.


Al Isharah Team

Who Will It Help?

I hope through this fundraising page we can all make a huge difference to this cause.

Help me raise my target.

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