Tasnim's climb 4 Sudan

Tasnim's climb 4 Sudan

created by Tasnim Elhalimi

with Muslim Aid

for the Little Smiles campaign

as a team member of WESTMINSTER MENASOC

Personal Occasion - Sadaqah Jariyah

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Our Story

Salamu Alikum My Lovely People,

My name is Tasnim, I study at Westminster and I'm apart of the Mena Society. This Year we have partnered up with UCAN and Muslim Aid for a new campaign called Little Smiles. 

The reason why I'm doing this is cause, life is just toooo short to keep missing opportunities like this. Especially opportunities that bring you closer to Allah. My goal is to raise money for the children of Sudan and I'll be Climbing the O2 Arena Insha Allah. I Humbly ask you to be apart of this journey and to not miss this OPPORTUNITY because you may not be able to in a few hours or tomorrow. 

So say Bismillah and Tawakal 3ala Allah and don't miss this chance.  

Who Will It Help?

I just want to thank YOU for taking the time to read my post, listen to me lecture you, or curiously press the link. I just want to say that it is no accident that you ended up here. As you may or may not know I am apart of the Little Smiles campaign that is raising money for the children of Sudan. The charity that we are working with this year is Muslim Aid. As a collective, our aim is to sponsor 40 children in Sudan over a 5 year period providing them with; food, basic nutrition, clothing, school uniforms, schoolbooks, enrolment, counselling and support. 

I want you to take a small moment to think...... If you had one thing to give, that would help these children flourish, grow and become independent adults, what would it be? ........... I would personally provide them with education. Why? Because EDUCATION is the FOUNDATION of building our future GENERATION. 

By giving them education we are able to give them something that will last them a lifetime. This makes it a SADAQA JARIHA. The beauty of it all is even if YOU died (may Allah take us in the best state of Eman), the number of good deeds will still grow Subhana Allah because YOU gave them the means to learn the letter 'A'. So imagine for Every word they say, that has the letter 'A' YOU will get a reward. Subhana Allah! 

All I want is to share this beautiful moment with you and be able to raise money for these beautiful children. So please donate what YOU can even if it's just a pound. smallest of actions make the biggest changes.

Jazzakum Allahu Khairan,

May Allah protect you all.

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Natasha James

7 months ago

Good luck Tas! This is such an amazing cause!

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8 months ago

May Allah SWT reward you immensely


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May Allah make this journey fruitful Insha Allah!