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Our Story

#Fish4Life“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day - Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”...
Please donate even £1, After carefully researching, we have identified and witnessed a lot of villages within the Greater Sylhet division. Villages that stays under water for at least 5/6 months during the year.
This is due to some of the district’s villages that are demographically below water level, especially during the monsoon season.
Cap Foundation always try and bring unique projects for our community, to take part and contribute your skills to empower and inspire the people in need.
We are aiming to deliver 100 20ft boats at £250 each, fishing net and  umbrellas to families who are under-privileged and living within the flood ridden lands in greater sylhet division.
This will enable the families to become self-sufficient and for individuals to stand on their own two feet. Your contributions and help is vital for this project to be successful and remember giving hand outs does not cure poverty or bring any solution, it’s all about showing one how to develop their livelihood.
Tel: 020 3137 3105

Who Will It Help?

100 families will get 1 boat each that cost £250. Anyone donating a whole boat can have their name on the plaque. These boats should last 15years inn sha Allah. I am helping purely for the sake of Allah and with no worldly benefits. Please help me raise this and let’s make some families smile. 100% of your donation will go straight to the cause. No one became poor by donating. JazzakAllahKhair for reading and please share.

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Habib Ullah

2 months ago

JazzakAllahKhair HABIB! Thanks for your continuous donation in Ramadan, May Allah grant all that you made dua for and your fasting. Ameen 👊🏼

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2 months ago

JazzakAllahKhair anonymous person. May Allah bless u and ur family for your donation. May Allah accept your Ramadan. Ameen



2 months ago

Keep it up bai great work inshallah.

JazzakAllahKhair anonymous person! May Allah bless you and your family this Ramadan Ameen