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Al Isharah is a small charity organisation with a unique cause and a great task at hand. The deaf community, here in the United Kingdom rely on our organisation to deliver them knowledge of Islam and provide guidance that is readily available for the hearing community, but unfortunately not so much so for the deaf community.


As you may know, Al Isharah has had to suspend all of our services and activities. This has had a major financial impact on us and our organisation will not sustain over the next few months.


With the coronavirus pandemic and the cancellation of our pre-Ramadan events we are facing a financial crisis.


Al Isharah represents more than just a charity organisation; it represents a standard, a banner for the Muslim community under which the Deaf Muslims find Islam. Losing Al Isharah or having it's services compromised would be a communal tragedy. It isn't an acceptable outcome for us. Allahu musta'an.


Whilst the government has announced help for charities etc, there is no telling who will be eligible (and if faith based organisations qualify) for this help and when exactly this will come. We can't depend on an uncertainty.


Ramadan is the time that we do the bulk of our fundraising, but we have lost many avenues of fundraising this Ramadan as masjids are closed and people will not be out and about.


We are asking you to save Al Isharah. Help us during this crisis.



May Allah bless you

JazakAllahu khairan




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