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Our Story

The UN has admitted that the violence against the Rohingya is a “textbook example of ethnic cleansing”. In the space of three weeks, 400,000 Rohingya have been forced to flee Myanmar for Bangladesh.


The Rohingya are a Muslim minority community living in the Buddhist-majority country of Myanmar. The government classes them as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, but Bangladesh refuses to acknowledge them as well. As such, they remain stateless; unwanted by both their countrymen and their neighbours.


As far back as 2013, Human Rights Watch wrote a report on the government-sponsored violence that the Rohingya Muslim community was facing. It found that attacks were organised and coordinated in an attempt to forcibly relocate them. At the time, this led to the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Rohingya.


In October 2016, the situation worsened. Four months later, the UN published a report based on interviews of survivors who'd fled Myanmar for Bangladesh. It found that the Rohingya had faced mass killings (including the killing of babies and children), beatings, disappearances, mass gang rape, torture, and the burning down of their villages and houses with people still inside. Attackers killed an eight-month-old baby while his mother, 25-year old Yae Khat Chaung Gwa Son, watched, as she was gang-raped by five soldiers.



In response, Charity Right has launched the Rohingya Emergency Food Appeal to combat extreme poverty and prevent loss of life. One pack costs £55 and feeds a family for a month.


Our Rohingya emergency food campaign has seen hundreds of food packs distributed to vulnerable families that have recently escaped Myanmar for Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

Each one contains: 2kg flour, 3kg chira (rice flakes), 1kg gur (date molasses), 0.5kg milk powder, 10 packets of Orsaline (oral rehydration solution), 10 packets of energy biscuits, and one cooking pot.

In order to help the thousands that need food, we need your support.

Helping one person we can't change the world but we can definitely change his world. 

Always Together.

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